In order to offer an optimal service for any of the needs of our clients we have an experienced team of professionals specialized in each area of law in our law firm in Pamplona.

Lawyers Pamplona – Zubiri Zudaire

In lawyers in Pamplona Zubiri&Zudaire we offer complete legal advice in all areas of law,providing individualized and solid solutions to any type of legal conflict.

For this we have a multidisciplinary team and great experience. Each of our lawyers is specialized in the different specific areas of the law, in order to provide a complete service and the highest quality in cases of different kinds.Read more

Thanks to our years of experience we will be able to offer you a discreet advice, tailored and totallyconfidential, seeking at all times to forge a relationship of total trust and closeness for our clients, which allows us to arrive, together and sustained over time, to seek the best solutions for their interests.

Law firm in Pamplona

Our law firm in Pamplona will address your needs with total professionalism and full dedication, putting at your disposal your experienced and recognized team. Through a thorough study we will design, together with you, an action plan focused on your interests and priorities.

In order to ensure your peace of mind during our management of your affairs, our team of lawyers will assist and accompany you in each of the steps required for your resolution, in a close and accessible way, assisting you in the preparation of all aspects required (documents, declarations, administrative or other formalities).

In our leading law firm inPamplona, we will seek top-level advice in any of the areas of the CivilLaw, in particular in any aspect related to the Commercial and Business Law, Criminal Law, Construction Law, Circulation and Insurance Law, Administrative Law and Financial Law.

At Zubiri&Zudaire we aim to offer you all the security you need to deal with your issues, problems, litigation and concerns with the utmost peace of mind and confidence, based on the effort, full involvement and experience our team will offer you.

Law Areas – Zubiri Zudaire

We cover all areas of commercial law and company advice, standing out among others in commercial procurement, Council secretariats, banking contracting, corporate restructuring operations, corporate conflicts, acquisition companies, corporate agreements and creditor competitions.

We address all areas of civil law, especially highlighting our experience in claiming and defending the interests of our clients before courts and tribunals, and advice on construction and building, responsibility civil liability, mortgage law, insurance and road accidents, inheritances and inheritances, all types of hiring and negotiations.

We are backed by our experience and results in advising and defending the interests of our clients before the Courts and Tribunals in matters of economic and corporate criminal law, against the Public Treasury, Social Security and the defense of the rights of workers, road safety and workplace accidents.

We offer our services regarding marriage separation and divorce proceedings, litigation or mutual agreement, assistance to trials, appeals, negotiation of divorce and economic agreements, division of marital assets.

Services we highlight include wealth organization, debt restructurings, advice on tax inspections, personal income returns, corporation tax, value tax Added and economic activities.

We have extensive experience in administrative and contentious-administrative procedures in the field of tenders and competitions, patrimonial responsibility of the Administration, sanctioning procedures, expropriations and urban planning law.

His law firm in Pamplona

Our law firm headquartered in Pamplona and being implemented in the Basque Country, La Rioja, Madrid and Barcelona, you will find efficient and specific advice for each case and legal question.

Zubiri&Zudaire’s lawyers have more than 30 years of experience in their respective areas, allowing us to offer you comprehensive, multidisciplinary and in-depth advice and approach to any legal conflict ahead.Read more

If by something we have been characterized in our 35 years of history it is precisely because of our enormous commitment and the high degree of involvement in each of our cases. We consider that the human factor is the differentiating element of the best advice, so we will ensure that we understand your concerns and interests to get your peace of mind.

In our pamplona law firm we will always seek to offer the best and most honest advice, adapting your expectations to reality so as not to play with them and try to achieve the best possible results, attending to the circumstances of each assumption.

Contact us to have one of the most solid and experienced legal advisors of Pamplona andNavarra.

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