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We offer our services in matters of marriage law: marriage separation and divorce proceedings,litigation or mutual agreement, assistance to trials, appeals, negotiation of divorce and economic agreements, division of marital assets.

In Zubiri Zudaire we have at your disposal possibly the best marriage lawyers ofPamplona. We have extensive experience in dealing with such cases and know all the details that involve the processes of divorce, separation, measures of non-marital children and the wide range of situations present in family law in General. Read more

As family lawyers in Pamplona we take care of advising, negotiating and processing procedures of this type that are presented anywhere in Navarra or other neighbouring provinces. In this way, we will carry out an agile, personalized and as transparent process as possible, trying to minimize personal damage defending the rights of our customers to the end.

To ensure a clean process, in Zubiri Zudaire we have the most qualified lawyers and experts in marriage and familymatters. Our lawyers in Pamplona will maintain a relationship based on total trust and transparency with you and will provide you with all the necessary support to deal with the family situation that you must solve, at the stage you are.

The multiple cases we have conducted during our years of experience have given us the solvency necessary to obtain the best results in litigation and out-of-court settlements. This is how we have built a recognized prestige, which positions us as one of the best teams of family lawyers in Pamplona.

Areas of action of a marriage and family lawyer in Pamplona

A marriage and family lawyer can take a multitude of actions and his room for action is far from focusing solely on divorces and separations. Below we will explain in detail the different aspects in which our marriage lawyers in Pamplona can help you, so that you are totally certain those varied situations in which you can count on us.

Divorce Proceedings

Divorce is one of the main issues to be addressed when it comes to family law. In simple terms, we could define it as the dissolution of marriage. Read more

This dissolution may be requested by either spouse and not necessarily have the approval of the other. This type of divorce is known as contentious and is usually complex.

On the other hand, there is also divorce by mutual agreement, in which both spouses want the dissolution of the marriage and agree on the measures to be taken as a result of that divorce. In such cases, a Regulatory Convention should be developed that specifies the conditions of divorce and the measures to be taken, being much less burdensome and complicated than the contentious process.

Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in these types of divorce and will be able to provide you with top-notch advice in any of the cases.

Separation Procedures

A separation process is different from a divorce process, becoming less and less common in practice. Read more

Our marriage lawyers will be able to easily explain their differences and provide you with the appropriate advice to deal with this process.

Separation consists of the cessation of marital coexistence and involving, for example, the cessation of marital coexistence and involving, for example, the cessation of marital coexistence. However, it does not result in the dissolution of the marriage that will remain in force.

While this moment of separation may be permanent or temporary, judicial action is necessary, either with litigation or by mutual agreement, to regulate issues as important to the family as the custody of children.

In many cases, separation can be considered as the premelate to divorce and is a conjugal moment that requires human, close and specialized advice. Our family attorneys will be able to guide you perfectly through this process and give you all the necessary tools to avoid legal obstacles and cumbersome processes.

Procedures for taking action in families without marriage

In the times of increasing, there are more and more families in which parents live in a situation analogous to marriage, but without being married.
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In cases of rupture, there is no need to dissolve or cease a marriage bond, as it is non-existent, but it is necessary to take measures in respect of children if any, both relating to custody and pensions.

As in separation or divorce proceedings, our team of family attorneys will be able to advise and guide you in these processes of taking non-marital child measures.

Trial assistance

Trials are an extremely awkward time and when most people have no experience at all.
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This is why our lawyers will be with you at all times and accompany you during every stage of your legal process.

Thanks to the constant attention of our team of lawyers, you will be able to obtain optimal results in your litigation and have the security of specialized advice and an extensive course in legal matters.


Our law firm has been serving in court for several years and protecting the interests of our clients.
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Thanks to this, we have a great knowledge in the different legal resources, which will help you greatly to face your legal processes with greater calm and security.

You just have to rely on the expertise of our marriage lawyers and let yourself be protected by the countless legal tools we have for you.

Child Custody

Child custody is one of the most complicated aspects during any type of separation, divorce or rupture.
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It’s important to know that whatever decision you’ve made about your children, we’re likely to face a conflicting, cumbersome, and highly uncomfortable process.

This is why our team of family lawyers will try to take your case with a human and empathetic vision, keeping in mind all the emotional difficulties presented by these types of situations.

Of course, this will not be an issue that ends only in sentencing, but will prolong in time and you will need help in each of the disputes that arise. This is because the wary parents can request the modification of the conditions of custody or the fulfillment of any decreed measure that has been breached, which will reopen the legal process and require further interventions.

Negotiation of divorce and economic agreements

One of the most important aspects during the divorce process is that the parties to the dispute can reach agreements and agreements.
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The Regulatory Convention is one of the safest letters in terms of divorces or mutually agreed ruptures, being considered as the tool par excellence for such purposes.

The negotiation of divorce agreements involves a number of aspects of vital importance to each of the parties. The custody of the children, the division and division of marital property, the powers with respect to the use of marital housing and the economic balance of both parties are just a few aspects of these negotiations.

This is why it becomes of the utmost importance to have specialized advice. In Zubiri Zudaire we offer you lawyers from families in Pamplona highly qualified and with extensive experience in this type of legal processes.

Division of Marital Assets

The division of marital wealth is a very knowledgeable procedure.
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This is why it becomes a necessity to have a lawyer specialized in the subject and who can provide all the necessary support for a quick, fair and without major inconvenience resolution.

Three types of economic regimes in marriage are now recognized, an issue of great importance and which is often completely unknown. These categories are the separation of assets, the profit regime and the shareholding regime. Each has different specifications and it is necessary to take actions focused on its different requirements.

The economic aspect is a substantial issue when completing a common life project. In this way, our marriage law firm will be happy to put at your disposal all the knowledge and tools with which we have, in order to provide you with a proper process and that takes great care of your interests.