Zubiri & Zudaire since its inception has had as its specialty the related to the comprehensive advice of any issue related to Commercial and Corporate Law

derecho mercantil

Our vocation is to offer services of maximum solvency and quality in any matter related to the usual problems of the company; currently being one of the offices with the greatest presence in the area of Navarra specialized in CommercialLaw, as well as in other communities.

After more than 20 years of advice to companies of great relevance in the area and among others of the Navarra Association of Labor Enterprises, we are in a position to offer advice at the highest level in everything related (among others) to:

-Corporate Restructuring operations (mergers, acquisitions, splits and liquidation of companies).

-Reconversions, organization and optimization of business resources.

-Council Secretariats.

-Commercial Contracting.

-Advice to Working and Cooperative Societies.

-Exchange law and executive processes.

Likewise, among all of them, they stand out among our specialties:

BANK RIGHT: At Z&Z we have leading specialists in swap products, preferred products and bank negotiation (debt restructuring/renegotiation).

: Currently lawyers Z&Z is one of the most renowned firms and presence in bankruptcy advice in Navarra.