Specialists in insurance and traffic disputes as well as in the defense of the rights of road safety, injuries and accidents at work.

abogados especialistas en accidentes de trafico en pamplona

We have extensive experience in handling all kinds of matters arising from vehicle traffic; the right of movement andinsurance.

Not for nothing are we legal representatives in this type of conflicts of six important insurance companies of renownand and recognized national prestige. We deal with such matters from start to finish, both in criminal, civil and administrative proceedings. Especially with regard to claims for damages, and compensation arising from road accidents, and both related to property damage and injury and personal injury.

We also take care of all kinds of processing derived from insurance contracts,even if they do not relate to circulation.

Lawyers for road accidents and insurance

Suffering from a traffic accident is a very problematic situation. It may involve conflicts between individuals, determination of responsibilities, damage to the material assets of those involved and, in the worst case,physical injuries of individuals.

The regulations that regulate in our country all these situations are quite specific and will not suffice with a civil lawyer. What is recommended in these cases is to have a specialist in the subject and let yourself be advised by a traffic accident lawyer inPamplona.

In Zubiri Zudaire we have professionals who have dedicated their lives to this branch of civillaw, having in-depth knowledge in the subject and the experience necessary to take their case in the best possible way.Read more

For these situations it is best to turn to someone who can provide you with timely and relevant information, who comes before recurring problems and who is deeply involved in defending your personal interests.

Damage claims

The damage suffered by those involved will always play a key role in the final decisions at the time of an accident on public roads.

The work of a traffic accident lawyer will be to ensure that damage assessments are carried out transparently and that all medical and mechanical reports are considered during the course of the legal process.

In many cases the extent of physical injury or damage to vehicles could harm you, so in Zubiri Zudaire we will be carefully concerned with enforcing your rights.

Compensation arising from road accidents

One of the most important points after a traffic accident is to stipulate precisely the material and physical damage that the parties have suffered. This will help determine the amounts of the compensation fairly, allowing you to receive what is really yours.

In many cases these calculations do not reach the results you might expect, so having a traffic accident specialist will allow you to always get fair compensation and avoid moments of frustration.

Right to traffic

In such situations you may be harmed in many ways. Relying on a traffic accident lawyer will ensure you minimize the side effects of theproblem, strongly defending your rights and preventing unfair action against you.

Fines and punishments related to driving licences are some of the most repeated measures in these cases. This is why having a specialist with you will allow you to avoid excessive resolutions and have all the security you need during the defense and appeal process.


One of the most common departures after suffering a traffic accident is to leave the management of all the procedures to the insurance companies. It can be easy to get rid of the problem, but it can also involve fees and compensation that doesn’t quite fit the level of spending required by the accident.

Clearly, insurers will try to minimize the amount of money that is sued for each accident, so the best way to be sure to get what you really deserve is to have a road accident and insurance lawyer in Pamplona .