We manage all kinds of hiring and negotiations.


At Zubiri&Zudaire we plan, negotiate with other contracting parties and draft according to the interests of the client all kinds of contracts,including:

– Sale of goods, both furniture and real estate.

– Purchase options.

– Permutates.

– Rustic and urban leases, and rentals of all kinds.

– Construction and service leases.

– Supply contract.

– Donations.

– Loan contracts, guarantees and bonds.

– Assignment, precarious and deposit

– Empowerments and mandate.

– Constitution and modification of servitudes.

– Chapters and marriage covenants.

Financial leases, factoring and renting

In addition to the drafting of the contracts, and when they require it, we take care of the corresponding processing before Notaries, Registries, Finance or other publicbodies, providing a comprehensive service.

We also advise on the content and obligations of contracts alreadysigned, as well as in case on the possibility of their resolution and cancellation if it is harmful to the client.

We negotiate and draft all kinds of transactions or agreements.