Specialists in the claim and defense of the interests of our clients before Courts and Tribunals in everything related to civil law.

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Lawyers specializing in civil law in Pamplona. We are specialized in advising and resolving all kinds of problems and conflicts in civil law, highlighting our experience in the processing and direction of trials before Courts and Tribunals, advice to companies and individuals in the field of construction and construction, civil liability, professional and property, insurance and ative, hiring, horizontal ownership and hereditary processes. We have long experience in advising entities in relation to:





Law firm specializing in civil law

Conflicts between individuals are much more common than might be thought. Civil law is responsible for defending the interests of the parties involved in theconflict, which may be persons or companies that are faced with certain disagreements.

At Zubiri Zudaire we offer all the necessary guarantees to carry out beneficial legal processes and ensure the well-being of our clients in matters of civil law.

If you are looking for civil law lawyers inPamplona, in our firm you will find a highly qualified team with sufficient experience to achieve the best results in the legal process. Read more

Our main commitment will always be to understand the position of our clients and involve ourselves thoroughly in the favorable resolution of their conflicts.

One of the great advantages you will have when hiring our civil lawyers with us is that they are in constant communication with you and the rest of the team. This means that they will be prepared to take the best of any turn that takes the litigation and take advantage of the teamwork that our professionals carry out.

Don’t waste any more time looking for a legal advisory service and start working as soon as possible with Zubiri Zudaire’s civillawyers.

Processing and direction of trials before courts

One of the main drawbacks of facing a legal process without the advice of a good civil lawyer is that you could overlook important aspects of the case out of ignorance or doubt, looking resignedly as you waste your time and money.

Together with us you will be able to get a clear perspective on the objectives ahead and the path you must take to achieve it.

We will be with you in each of the hearings, statements and formalities that you must carry out, preventing them from taking advantage of situations and demanding all the conditions demanded by the civil code for your case.

With Zubiri Zudaire, nothing you say can be used against you.

Construction and building advice

Many of the works that proliferate in our city must abide by certain regulations that regulate and organize the buildings.

Our lawyers in Pamplona will be able to help you to strictly comply with all the rules stipulated by the municipalities and avoid any kind of problem with local public institutions.

In contrast, if you believe that someone is in violation of regulations or believe that there may be some irregularity in a third party process, please contact us to assess the situation and provide you with all the advice you require.

Prevent third-party projects from negatively affecting your quality of life.

Civil, professional and heritage liability

If you are going through breach-of-contract issues or think someone is taking advantage of you, what you need to enforce your rights is a civil lawyer inNavarra.

Individuals often face moments of tension when one of the parties does not want to fulfill their part of the contract. This disadvantages those who do not have legal advice, leaving those who do have it in a position of superiority.

At Zubiri Zudaire we offer advice and protection against all these cases, preventing companies and people from ignoring their rights.

Insurance and accidents

One of the most uncomfortable and unfortunate situations for people is to suffer an accident that makes their day-to-day difficult.

Unfortunately many times the bad news won’t end there. You will most likely need to start with a process that proves your situation and do a series of paperwork so that insurance pays the money that you owe.

At Zubiri Zudaire we want to avoid these inconveniences, so we take care of carrying out all the corresponding bureaucraticprocesses.

Our civil law specialists in Pamplona will ensure that your rights are fulfilled and that you can recover as soon as possible the normality in your life.

Recruitment, horizontal ownership and hereditary processes

It is very common that the magnitude of the goods to be distributed, family disputes are created and many want to take part in the distribution. However, it is necessary to review who the real recipients are and defend their rights at all costs.

But that’s not all. Family disputes are only part of the problem, as you’ll also need to be aware of taxes applied and avoid being forced to overpay.

Having a civil lawyer will avoid all these inconveniences, being able to obtain beneficial resolutions in any case of civil law.