Z&Z in the media


  • Judge sentences Popular to return 4.5 million to a client for complex financial productDiario El Pais
  • TS sentences a bank to pay 122,709 euros to a Navarre for bondsDiario de Noticias
  • They override a floor clause of Caja España and force you to return what I charge overDiario de Noticias
  • Santander, condemned in Tafalla to return 150,000 euros by not reporting well on its values – Diario de Noticias
  • An entity is sentenced to return 82,300 euros for contributions from EroskiDiario de Noticias
  • Santander is sentenced to return 300,000 euros in Tafalla for failing to report the risk of their values – Diario de Noticias
  • They confirm that a bank must return 263,475 euros to a retired BaztanianDiario de Noticias
  • TSJN ruling forces banker to report risky productsDiario de Noticias
  • “We maintain an agile relationship with customers”Cinco Días